Los números de 2014

Los duendes de las estadísticas de WordPress.com prepararon un informe sobre el año 2014 de este blog.

Aquí hay un extracto:

Un tren subterráneo de la ciudad de Nueva York transporta 1.200 personas. Este blog fue visto alrededor de 6.200 veces en 2014. Si fuera un tren de NY, le tomaría cerca de 5 viajes transportar tantas personas.

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Technology, Dedication & Passion: Teachers

The about.me Blog

We couldn’t agree more with the quote written on Jennifer Schnidman Medbery‘s hands above, “What do teachers make? A difference.” Due to their dedication to helping us learn, most of us have at least one or two teachers who are still dear to us for the impact they made on our lives. But we probably didn’t know them very well outside of education. That’s why today we’d like to feature teachers on about.me and learn what they like to do, what makes them tick, etc.

We love that Camile Betances uses the picture of herself from her own photography studio to show off her part time work as a photographer. It’s also fun to see how E. Delfin uses his page to showcase the works he’s painted on teachers’ podiums at his school. Then there’s Robert Pronovost who links to his his blog where others can see the creativity he’s applying to both the…

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